Been using Tradoto on the stock market for over a year now with great success, i mainly focus on scalping break of support and resistance on popular stocks like TSLA or NFLX  as i found that trading style to have very little draw-down and  be very consistent. Highly recommend this strategy to anyone looking to future proof their trading career

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A very well thought out system that allows you to customize your conditions for market entry, position size, trail stop, dollar risk, timeframe and many more. Patience is no longer an issue. Anxiety has been removed and the stress free trading offered leaves you wondering why you didn’t sign up sooner.

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This is amazing software…it’s automation executes seamlessly. The software is a little daunting to learn at first, but once you understand how it works, the abundance of settings available to you definitely enhances your trading edge. It’s a must to include in your trading arsenal.

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This is amazing software and is easy to use. The automation executes are impeccably and is highly accurate. After a little time getting us to the setup using it is a breeze. Trading made easy with its cutting-edge trading platform. A must have.

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Amazing trading system. Easy to use and highly accurate

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Damn this software is awesome. Very good

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Simple and effective and easy to use and understand

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