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Come back Mon-Fri between 04:00AM and 4:30PM EST to see us trade in real-time.

Our LIVESTREAM is currently paused while we focus on VERSION 4 recently released to our members. Subscribe to be notified when we resume.


Our LIVESTREAM strategy trades fully automated from 4:00 AM (New York Time) to market close Monday to Friday. Be sure to check this page during those hours to see how it performs in REAL-TIME. Our local date/time is:


We share in real time how our fully automated trading strategy trades daily. This LIVEstream showcases our strategy performance on one instrument using one type of configuration, you are free to trade any instrument using any configuration you like. We currently offer four trading styles so pick the one that suits you best and start optimizing your strategy for your own risk tolerance, trading hours, max drawdown, position size, etc. You can review our LIVESTREAM recording history below.