Make Every Effort To Find Your Edge

Then Trade It Effortlessly.

TRADOTO is a powerful automated trading algorithm that can be applied to any market and any time chart, allowing fully automatic real-time trading. It’s easy and straightforward. Most traders can clearly see how well our strategy work in just a few days. Unlike some software vendors who charge you the full price up-front, we let you evaluate the complete software before making any long-term commitment. We believe this is the best practice in the trading industry. It is an important indication that we have full confidence in our strategy performance.


  • TRADOTO Strategy for NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and TradeStation
  • Two licenses to run the strategy simultaneously on two PCs
  • Unlimited number of markets traded at the same time
  • Unrestricted position sizing
  • Ready to use chart template
  • Technical support
  • Complete Tutorial with Manual & Guide
  • Lifetime Updates (bug-fixing and new features)





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Recommended Trading Platform

NinjaTrader 8

The newly released NinjaTrader 8 platform allows our strategy to achieve greater performance and flexibility than ever before.

Out of the box, NinjaTrader 8 incorporates over 500 changes and enhancements, largely collected from client feedback. This new version is ready to deliver the most advanced trading features for automated traders of all levels trading stocks, futures, and Forex.


What exactly is required to start?

Very simple, first choose your trading platform between NinjaTrader, MultiCharts or TradeStation then follow the guide and manual located on your dashboard. Typical setup time takes about 30 minutes, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.  When you are ready to go live, fund an independent trading account with the broker of your choice.

Why do you offer a monthly plan?

We offer a monthly plan because we think this is the best way for traders to learn how to use our program and to evaluate how it fits in with their style of trading without having to make make a large, upfront commitment. The monthly plan gives you access to our fully functional unrestricted strategy with all the necessary documents, support resources, and technical support. Traders who take advantage of the monthly plan will have an opportunity to review and evaluate all features of the software and understand the associated trading techniques before upgrading to a perpetual license.

If the software fits your trading style, you can continue with a permanent lifetime license purchase. If the software does not meet your expectations, the monthly plan will terminate by itself after 30 days.

The monthly plan involves a fee because it offers full access to the LIVE market. Most importantly, our experience shows that only traders who make a commitment will allocate time to study the relevant trading rules and practice the appropriate trading techniques. The likelihood of success increases dramatically for traders who are willing to make the commitment to learn our software.

The monthly plan is an important indication that we have full confidence in our software.

Why not keep the strategy to yourself if it’s profitable?

We get this question a lot. Our strategy comes with four different trading modes, 50+ inputs and millions of configuration possibilities to let members precisely tune our automated strategy to their risk tolerance, trading style and capital size. This means that our strategy is unique to everyone who trade it. Our team only make use of a few configuration possibilities out of millions. By sharing our work with traders, we let them access the power of emotion free trading and become profitable thanks to perpetual discipline.

While we do provide ready to use configuration templates for most popular instruments, those template are here to help speed up our members learning curve by letting them review what a profitable configuration looks like, however further optimization is always required to ensure the strategy trade within the user’s risk tolerance and capital size. We cover this process in detail in the member’s dashboard.

What happens after my monthly plan ends?

We treat our customers with respect. We do not do automated renewal and we don’t offer TRADOTO month-by-month. If you like our strategy after trying it, you can choose to buy a lifetime license for $2699, there are no recurring fees and all futures updates to our strategy are free of charge too.

What financial markets can I trade?

Most of our customers have been trading the futures market: CL (Crude Oil Futures), ES (E-mini S&P 500 Futures) and GC (Gold Futures) are the most popular.  Other common instruments traded are NQ (E-mini NASDAQ-100), 6E (Euro Futures), TF (Mini Russel 2000 Futures) and YM (Mini-sized Dow Jones Futures).

A few are using it on the Forex and Equities (stocks) exchanges as well. We haven’t focused on those markets ourselves but we hear it performs just as well as futures when tuned adequately.

You will need to decide which markets meet your preference inclusive of time zone.  Ideally, one market as a start and more when you get more familiar with the strategy (there are no limitations on the number of markets you can trade simultaneously).

Can I use TRADOTO to trade Forex and Equities too?

Yes, our strategy is compatible with Forex and Stocks.

How can I learn to use TradOTO?

A comprehensive Starting Guide and Manual is available from your account after being registered. You can also reach us for support via livechat and email anytime.

Can i run the strategy on multiple instruments simultaneously?

Yes, our strategy can be enabled on multiple instruments concurrently, there are no limitations.