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TRADOTO is a state of the art fully automated trading strategy, created as a result of thousands of hours of market observation and screen time with algorithms that can work on any market and bar-types, allowing fully automatic and interactive realtime trading –  high or low frequency trading and may trade as a scalp or day trade strategy.

  • Two licenses to run the strategy simultaneously on two PCs
  • Unlimited number of market traded at the same time
  • Complete Tutorial with Manual & Guide
  • Free Strategy Updates (bug-fixing, new versions and features)
  • Unrestricted position sizing
  • Ready to use chart template
  • Technical support


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What exactly is required to start?

Very simple, you will need to run the FREE NinjaTrader platform (license is only required for LIVE trading) on your computer and fund an independent trading account with the broker of your choice when you are ready to go live.  Our user-friendly guide will walk you through the configuration from A to Z and ensure you are ready to start trading immediately.

How does your 7 days money back guarantee works?

If you are experiencing issues running our strategy on your computer, simply send us an email. If we cannot solve the problem, help you get your strategy working or help you find a solution, we will cheerfully issue a full refund. We use our trading strategy ourselves every day and have hundreds of satisfied members worldwide, and our support is second to none.

Do you offer a FREE trial?

We do not offer a FREE trial, instead we provide a 7 days hassle-free 100% money back guarantee.

What capital is required to produce your results?

Our LIVEstream focuses on futures financial instruments. We trade 2 contracts per instrument on average and 2 instrument simultaneously at max (Keep in mind that we do not impose limits on the number of instrument traded concurrently and the number of contract used)

The capital required to trade the futures market like showcased in our LIVEstream would depends on your broker minimum margin requirements. On average, one contract of Crude Oil (CL) requires a minimum capital of $1500, so we would need $3000 to trade 2 contract of CL at the same time (2x$1500). In comparison, one contract of E-mini NASDAQ (NQ) only requires $500.

So for example, in the months of December 2016 and January 2017, we traded CL and NQ with 2 contracts each, in this case a funded account with a minimum of $4000 is needed (2x$1500 + 2x$500) and a little extra capital to allow for a few losing days of course.

What financial markets can I trade?

Most of our customers have been trading the futures market: CL (Crude Oil Futures), ES (E-mini S&P 500 Futures) and GC (Gold Futures) being the most popular.  Others common instruments traded are NQ (E-mini NASDAQ-100), 6E (Euro Futures), TF (Mini Russel 2000 Futures) and YM (Mini-sized Dow Jones Futures).

A few are using it on the Forex and Equities (stocks) exchanges as well. We haven’t focused on those markets ourselves but we hear it performs just as good as futures when tuned adequately.

You will need to decide which markets meet your preference inclusive of time zone.  Ideally one market as a start and more when you get more familiar with the strategy (there are no limitation on the number of markets you can trade simultaneously).

Will i receive free version updates forever?

Yes, your license comes with lifetime software update.

When a new version is released, we notify all members via email that a new version is ready for download.

Is TradOTO compatible with non-NinjaTrader platforms?

At this time TRADOTO is only compatible with NinjaTrader. We are planning to adapt our strategy to the MultiChart platform, we hope to have that project done by early 2017.

Can I use TradOTO to trade Forex and Stocks in addintion of Futures

Yes, The NinjaTrader platform is compatible with Forex and Equities (stocks) as well.

How can I learn to use TradOTO?

A comprehensive Starting Guide and Manual is available from your account after being registered. You can also reach us for support via livechat and email anytime.

Can i run the strategy on multiple instruments simultaneously?

Yes, our strategy can be enabled on multiple instruments concurrently, there are no limitations.